GVS Microbiology

AgainBS Co., Ltd. is the official distributor of GVS microbiology.

 GVS microbiology products provide devices, consumables, media, and swabs necessary for microbial filtration, such as manifold, funnel, and anaylysis Monitors products.

Meet a variety of GVS microbial products.

Synergy Innovation

Korea's First Media Manufacturing Company

Created by combining Comed Life Sciences Co., Ltd., the first Korean company specializing in mass production and sale of 120 kinds of microbial culture badges, the Bio Business Headquarters of Synergy Innovation Co., Ltd. supplies high-quality raw growth media and standard strains to most hospitals, inspection centers and pharmaceutical companies nationwide.

In addition, in order to produce microbial culture medium, which is one of the reagents for in vitro diagnostic analyzer and is widely used for environmental monitoring of pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, we produce and supply products in a manufacturing environment equipped with clean room and automated production lines and ISO13485 international certification and GMP certification of medical devices.

Furthermore, we will spare no investment for continuous R&D and business diversification of related products in order to contribute to the development of diagnosis and microbiology in Korea and to lead the microbial/beneficial related industries that protect people's health by securing the development of microbial/bacterial species/bacterial development and the cultivation of animal cells more systematically.


It's a brand of AgainBS itself.

It is a self-brand of AgainBS that is supplied first such as ECL solution and buffer.
In addition, we will supply DNA and RNA extraction kits or PCR verification kits, and we will also supply cDNA synthesis kits, Inhibitors, and Reverse scripts.

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V I E W   M O R E

Fisher Chemical

Optimal helper for LC-Ms analysis

As the device improves, there are no restrictions on the detection of analytes, and users are not allowed to use them.
It is important to consider a high level of purity when selecting the appropriate dragon hawk for use in the LC/MS movement phase.
Fisher chemical product line is further enhanced
Offers Optima LC/MS grade solution designed to meet the purity level of the hardened LC/MS system.


AgainBS is the exclusive distributor of Musechem in Korea.

MuseChem is a professional company committed to providing a wide variety of specialty chemicals including Inhibitors, APIs, reference standards and other research-use chemicals. We have thousands of products in stock that are ready to meet your needs. Generally all of these products are stored, tested and shipped from Fairfield, New Jersey, USA.

With experienced scientists and advanced platform technologies, MuseChem offers an extensive range of services including custom synthesis, analytical support, peptide synthesis and many other strategic service solutions. Our services help advance drug discovery and bio-medical research for our clients worldwide.

Welcome to contact us to inquire about our products and services, and we will offer the most competitive prices and the best technical support. MuseChem expects to be your reliable partner and help you to achieve success in the research and development projects.