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Nice to meet you.
For the development of science in Korea, we, AgainBS, are in the field of science and chemistry, microbiology,
We've organized a product to further expand the value of the bio industry.

We organize products in a variety of fields, including national institutions, corporate research institutes, universities, and food.
We are building various know-how and technological competitiveness by supplying the best services and best products to companies, university hospitals, etc.

I'll always be with you.
Thank you very much for always loving and supporting us.

Park Bo Shin, CEO of AgainBS Co., Ltd.

AgainBS Product Area

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We supply microbes, chemicals, analytical consumables, bio.
We have organized a shopping mall to find the products you need.
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·    2020

2020.08  Labotec (AS-ONE) specialty agency contract                     conclusion)
2020.01  Geneplex® Brand Launch
2020.01  ELK Biosciences an official Korean agency
2020.01  GVS Microbiology contract conclusion
2020.01  Thermo-fisher Scientific

               (Fisher,Acros,Alfa aesar 
agency contract                             conclusion)

·    2019

2019.09  Affinity Bioscience an official Korean agency
2019.08  Assaypro an official Korean agency
MOU signed on the research agreement of                             Masan National Hospital

·    2018

2018.04  Musechem an official Korean agency

·    2017

2017.11  JW creagen Seoul Gangbuk Official Reseller Branch
Cyanagen an official Korean agency

·    2016

2016.08  Establishment of AgainBS

We are dealing with various clients.
We work with institutions in various fields across public institutions, research institutes, universities, and university medical center.

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

We are helping the Korea Food and Drug Administration supply the goods smoothly.

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

It helps the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supply of bio-goods, unit price contracts, and bids.

Daesang Co., Ltd.

We help the general company's smooth research and production.

Korea University Medical Center

Provide supplies for the research industry, tasks, etc. of schools and medical centers.